ASICS MetaRun Changes The Future Of Running

This week saw the global launch of the much-anticipated MetaRun; an ASICS innovation set to change the standard in distance footwear.

Meta or ‘beyond’ was the name chosen to communicate the philosophy, science and technology that is ASICS’ best ever long-run shoe of all time. As a brand at the forefront of distance running shoes for over 50 years, and the number one performance running brand, ASICS is perfectly positioned to push the limits of long distance footwear without limitations.

All MetaRun research and development was undertaken at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science and Global Footwear Department in Kobe, Japan. Extensive and intensive testing took place over three years and in multiple countries, with an exclusive pool of 25 test-runners made up of different biomechanical profiles.

MetaRun was finally completed in June 2015 with the installation of the carbon fibre AdaptTruss technology which achieved unrivalled stability without compromising on weight.

MetaRun provides runners with all four functions (weight, stability, fit, cushioning) each performing to their highest level all in ONE shoe.  5 breakthrough technologies and 4 patents adapt this shoe to individual runner requirements.

Only 60,000 pairs will be produced globally.

Limited quantities will be made available in South Africa on 1 December 2015 via leading running stores.

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