Batrun 2018 Gets Cape Trail Season Underway

As the sun sets on 17 February 2018, an intrepid field of 130 runners will head out to bag one of the Cape classics; Batrun.

Following its humble beginnings way back in 2002, this slightly underground, outright unique event is the unofficial opening of the Cape trail season. For years, it was the stuff of legends and whispers. Now a fully-fledged and professionally organised race under the curatorship of Summit Events, it has lost none of its air of mystique or popularity. Entries for this year’s edition sold out in less than two hours.

The route takes participants up three of the Mother City’s toughest peaks, over 30km, with 2 100m of elevation gain, all after dark. The only trail running event in the Cape with a permit that allows runners access to the hallowed trails at night.

This year, Batrun organisers are proud to announce a leap up for the event, with confirmation of presenting sponsor, Petzl. Eiger Equipment Technical brand manager, Nicholas Lykiardopulos describes this partnership as a perfect combination of ethics and brand visions.

“Petzl began with a passion for developing tools to progress and be safe in the dark. For over 40 years, this has been a conversation with users to better understand their needs. Batrun aligns with the Petzl mission of creating a safe environment for runners to enjoy the mountain at night, fully supported in their pursuit of the inaccessible.”

Batrun Race Director, Stuart McConnachie, welcomes this alignment as an ideal way to further entrench the Batrun legacy.

“At its core, Batrun has very few frills. It challenges participants to manage a combination of night running, technical terrain, some proper vertical and, without fail, changing weather conditions. The finish line, right up to the 5am cut off, is a place where runners arrive broken, elated, and ready to share their stories over a beer. Bringing a brand like Petzl into the mix enhances the legacy of this renegade race, and brings a solid statement around safety and innovation into the fold. Advanced technology has changed the game when it comes to night running, and we look forward to exposing more of our runners to this thinking in the coming weeks.”

Petzl and Batrun will soon announce a competition that offers five of the 2018 participants the opportunity to upgrade their headlamps and become superheroes for the Petzl brand during this year’s event.

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