BOS Sport Gives Johannesburg A Boost

On Saturday 4 November 2017, a BOS Sport squad delivered Boost kits to active members of the public in real time during their workouts – giving them the sustained energy they needed to last longer and push harder.

“At BOS Sport we want to support all those who take the time to be fit and healthy. This is why we want to reward Joburg residents, who use their spare time to be active, with the tools to push themselves harder and further. Whatever your ability and whatever your activity, from running, to gym, to tennis, to walking, BOS Sport has your back,” commented Marie van Niekerk, BOS Sport Marketing Director.

BOS Sport, a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks, contains rooibos for recovery and essential electrolytes to keep you hydrated and perform at your peak. They have recently released an eye-catching new bottle which formed part of the deliveries – making the recipients among the first to see and experience it.

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