Face to Face with Kelvin Watt

Kelvin Watt is the Managing Director for Africa Asia Pacific and Middle East at Nielsen Sports.

Over the past 26 years he has been exposed to all aspects of the sports marketing industry including sponsorship and broadcast rights packaging and sales, TV production, hospitality, sponsorship and event activation, suite and season ticket optimisation and food and beverage operations.

He has always been an advocate of research and insight in the business of sport, in particular in understanding and improving the commercial value chain in the sports industry. This led to him buying his first research business in 2004 and taking up this exciting opportunity to lead the Nielsen Sports business in Africa Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Kelvin has a personal interest in the global “#HockeyRevolution” and looks forward to watching the sport grow and develop around the world. 

Question: Kelvin, you have had a 26-year long career in which you have been exposed to all aspects of the sports marketing sector. What are the biggest trends in sports marketing at the moment?

Kelvin: “We are currently seeing 5 major trends in the sports industry, digital disruption as the traditional broadcast market is shaken by the opportunities that digital OTT presents which is creating a great deal of opportunity and uncertainty. Secondly, Esports is certainly taking the world by storm and from our recent South African first national Esports Fan Study it is doing the same here. Thirdly, the continued focus on the importance of content from both a quality and creative perspective is keeping both rights-owners and brand sponsors very busy. Fourthly, we see a strong move from a sponsorship to a real partnership relationship between sponsors and rights-holders and lastly, the growing role that sport is playing in so many social and community issues.”

Question: You will be presenting ideas as to how to improve audience attendance at sporting events at the Sports Supershow 2019. Can you share some of the points you will address?

Kelvin: “Basically, everything we see around the world is focused in on providing great fan experience, at the right price and every stage of the fan interaction needs to be riven by convenience.

Question: Would you say that sponsorship of sports in South Africa is increasing? If yes why? If not, how come?

Kelvin: “No not currently, largely due to two main factors, the current political and economic conditions in South Africa is seeing a number of sponsors keeping their powder dry so to speak and secondly the lack of large international events currently coming to our shores.”

Question: What do you most look forward to by being part of the Sports Supershow 2019?

Kelvin: “It’s always great to spend time with the broader sports and entertainment industries and this will be a good way to kick off the year. I always find that listening to people gives me so much inspiration about how to approach our own challenges and opportunities as a business.”

Kelvin is excited to meet you at the inaugural Sports Supershow 2019. See more information on the Sports Supershow and how you can register below.

The Sports Supershow will bring together two of our most acclaimed sports conferences; the Sports Innovation Summit and the Sports Analytics Africa Summit. By running both events side-by-side, we can bring together the most innovative thinkers and leaders in sport, technology and data analytics under the same roof for the biggest sports event on the continent.

If you’re a corporate stakeholder or rights holder, player or ex-player, coach, entrepreneur, marketer, talent scout, administrator, sports agent or sporting enthusiast, attending the Sports Supershow 2019 will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Meet international sports professionals, corporate sponsors and sports experts
  • Get answers to your most burning questions to give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for
  • Gain access to the latest sports reports, feedback and case studies
  • Learn more about innovative coaching methods, data analytics and technology
  • Find out how sports analytics goes hand-in-hand with success on and off the field
  • Discover how big data is changing the face of sports as we know it
  • Explore extremely lucrative strategies for driving fan engagement
  • Gain insights into the way that players, agents, managers, broadcasters, administrators, rights holders and sports lovers think about sports in 2019
  • Better understand the complex South African sporting ecosystem
  • Make valuable new connections in the sports industry

Contact our Marketing Director, Lou-Mari Burnett, to secure your company’s space at our exhibition or sponsor the Inaugural Sports Supershow 2019.


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