It’s Almost Hoorah Time Again!

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It’s almost time for one of our regulars, Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellan to enter the EFC Africa Hexagon again when he defends his Middleweight Title against JP “Tinkerbell” Kruger at EFC 28 on Thursday 27 March at The Coca-Cola Dome.

With just over a week to go we sat down with South Africa’s biggest MMA brands to find out how his preparations have gone leading up to the big night and also about life as a newlywed.

Yes, Garreth got married in December and as a fighter we were curious as to how this has influenced his career, “It has brought a calmness that allows me to be at my best as well as a maturity to handle every situation. My wife is an amazing women that gives me her full support and she has given me the ability to perform at my highest level by taking the pressure of me in a lot of areas, I am very grateful for her.”

His wife Ginnie makes up part of his management team along with Riaz who handles all his contractual agreements and recent Discovery Sports Industry winner, Bronwen Blunden is his brand manager.

Having worked very hard in the past 5 years to grow the brand of Soldierboy to what it is today, Garreth was very excited at it all, “I can’t even explain, the growth has been so rapid that sometimes I have to take a step back and check it’s all real. It has far super exceeded all expectations and at the moment doesn’t look like stopping. I am really proud of the brand and what it has achieved and I feel it is only the beginning. I know that it is a household name and we want to push it on to new heights. This year is a big year for the brand with some really exciting things happening.”

Bronwen who recently joined the team as brand manager for SoldierboyInc has elevated all efforts to make the Soldierboy brand a powerhouse not just locally but also globally.

Garreth is quick to point out that he has a massive support base that reaches further than just his management team and fans, but also includes his child, family and friends. He also gets a lot of support from his coaches at Fight Fit Militia who provides him with all the tools and guidance to be the best athlete on the night. He is also supported by great companies like Sharks Security, Mutual Safes, IEP, Aqua Vita and Olimp who makes it possible for him to live his dream as the ultimate fighter.

Soldierboy is not just your everday MMA fighter but also believes he must stand for and against a lot of things in life, “Hard work! Nothing in life is for free. Pushing the boundaries every day and trying to be better than the day before. Being proud of who I am, my family comes first and everything I do is for them. Inspiring people to reach their dreams. My relationship with God is very important and I work very hard to do the right things and live life the right way.”

With 10 days to go until he faces JP Kruger in the Hexagon to defend his title he admitted that they still have quite a bit to do, but a lot of it will be closing all the holes, sharpening the skills and making sure their game plan gets executed exactly how they want it to be. He is also working heavily on the mental side of things to make sure the mind and body works perfectly when required to.

With final preparations well on track we wanted to know how much his regular training routine had changed. “Fight camps always change as we face a new opponent; it is all according to game plan. We always looking for better results than the camp before, structures are all the same however, its how we perform and look for different results within those structures that change.”

Garreth says that his fans can expect a massively improved fighter on all levels come Thursday 27 March and a relentless and fearless quest to defend his Middleweight belt. He has worked very hard to improve on a lot of things since his last fight and does not want to be the same fighter as before as his biggest goal is to always stay ahead of the game.

Here is a little spine chilling recollection of how Garreth regained his beloved Middleweight Title against Jeremy “The Pitbull” Smith at EFC 24:

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