Jeep Team Shines at Warrior Race #3


Jeep Team’s OCR athletes achieved excellent results in Round #3 of the Jeep Warrior Series on Sunday (29 March 2015), with Thomas van Tonder and Dominique D’Oliveira both finishing second in their respective Men and Women’s Black Ops races.

Jeep Team’s Claudia Richard and Hlubi Mboya finished second and fifth respectively in the Elite Commando Ladies race.

Said Van Tonder after the race, “Sadly, I was not able to take the win on this one but was a very hard day in the Warrior office. The race pace was intense from the start with everyone aiming for the podium and with a big No.1 on my back, the pressure was on! I’m looking forward to the next race but will have to do some work to take the title back.”

Said D’Oliveira, who withdrew from the first two races due to injury, “Wow, it feels good to be back! I think I was lying about 5th for the first half of the race and then slowly but surely started passing some of the other girls on the obstacles. With 4 obstacles to go my calves cramped up pretty badly, which left me walking and periodically stretching at each obstacle. Luckily, the last few obstacles required mostly upper body strength so I managed to literally pull my way to the finish and into second place.

“I also have to say I am uber impressed with the growing standard in the female race this year. The girls are fighting hard and it’s getting tougher and tougher to be on that podium. Ladies, you are all amazing! Well done!”

Jeep Warrior Race 3 Results:

Men Black Ops Elite: 1. Greg Avierinos; 2. Thomas van Tonder; 3. Willem Erasmus.

Women Black Ops: 1. Hanneké Dannhauser; 2. Dominique D’Oliveira; 3. Michelle Meyer. 

In other Jeep Team news


On Sunday, Jeep Team’s Mikaela Jonsson competed in the final round of the aQuellé Mudman Series, which took place at Beaulieu Dam in Richmond. Jonsson was crowned the Junior Mudman Ladies Champion after crossing the finish as the first U18 Women.

Overall Women, Jonsson finished 3rd in 1h47m36s behind Haley Smith (1st) and Sarah Gray (2nd).

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