#MissionSamsung: Mission1 – Challenge1.5 – Light Trace

So it happened to be my birthday and also the last task of our first Samsung Mission on Friday 6 June when the wife and I headed out for some birthday celebrations along with our #MissionSamsung product, the award-winning NX300 camera.

Having enjoyed a great meal with my loving Mrs it was time to find the winning shot for this task, which was to use the Light Trace function.

Living in the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, the options were endless yet hard to find. What better idea than to see how much I have learned in the last week with this little machine than to give the Mrs a quick crash course while traveling.

I was impressed how easy it was to explain it to her and to even let her take the “Shot of the Day” for our Light Trace task while I was manning the transport.

Well to cut a long story short, once she had the hang of it there was no stopping her as she got snapping away with every kilometer we traveled.

We both were so impressed that we decided to share 2 of the shots she had taken to demonstrate this amazing feature on the NX300.


Bright Lights Big City


Bright Lights Big Smoke


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