#MissionSamsung: Mission1 – Challenge2.2 – Colour Vignette

Another super freezing day in Jozi and another #MissionSamsung Challenge!

While everyone is getting cold, including the dogs, I armed myself with Samsung’s award-winning NX300 Smart camera finding my next target for my next assignment.

Our task was to take a photo of any animal and edit it using the “Colour Vignette” feature on the NX300.

Well I did not waste anytime and got hold of our three mongrels, Chino, Max and Bakkies and even though it was freesing they were full of life as always. Second part of this mission was to get them to relax enough for the perfect shot…yeah right!

Anyway, the only way this was gonna work was to snap away and see what we got!

And here it is!


“The 3 Mongrels, taken with a Samsung NX300 Smart camera using the Colour Vignette feature”.

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