#MissionSamsung: Mission1 – Challenge2.3 – Miniature Mode

At the end of yet another week and also the final task of our second week of challenges of the #MissionSamsung experience, we were confronted with another great feature of the Samsung NX300 Smart camera.

The Miniature Mode feature, which gives the effect of using a tilt/shift lens. With this effect, areas around the outside of the photograph are blurred while the focus stays sharp in the center.This feature is used to replicate a “miniature” effect and can also be used to add visual interest to images in a variety of situations, from cityscapes to food.

I found this little building in the middle of nowhere and thought it might work well for this task and looking at the final product I think it was not a bad choice with all the different winter colours and burnt grass surrounding this green building.

Anyway, here is the final effect with its rich colours etc.


The Little Green House, taken with a Samsung NX300 Smart camera using the Miniature Mode feature.

Next up sees our third and final challenge of this first mission, which entails a full on review of this award-winning camera.

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