#MissionSamsung: Mission2 – Challenge2 – Smart Hub Fitness

Who thought watching telly could get you fit and healthy? Well, another great week with the Samsung 40″ LED Smart TV and another great challenge for us bloggers as part of Samsung’s amazing #MissionSamsung project was on the cards again!

In our second challenge of the second round of #MissionSamsung we were asked to work on our fitness and health via some great apps available on this amazing multi-purpose viewing apparatus.

Unlucky for me I was battling a serious bout of flu and getting TOO active was not recommended by the Doctor, so it was time to get the family involved once again and why not? They were also enjoying the pleasures of having our new guest over for three weeks, so make them part of the tasks.

Having two young very active kids this was the perfect opportunity to drain their energy levels and also see their coordination abilities in action.

Tuesday we set up our profile and preferred workout app for the week and warmed up for the task ahead with a quick tutorial session as we called it!


Profile set up and ready to go! BMI says i’m overweight!!!

On Wednesday it was time to get down to business with some ab exercises and it was a crunching experience of note.


Time to rock some abbs #MissionSamsung style!

Thursday afternoon it was down to some cardio fun and the troops were all too happy to oblige to the easy instructions given by the pros!


Get down to it! Some easy to do floor exercises!


This is childs play thanks to #MissionSamsung and the awesome 40″ LED Smart TV!

We have added this video to show how simple and easy these fitness apps are.

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