Prime at the Forefront of Ground Breaking Sweat Testing

With sports hydration and performance becoming closely linked, the ground breaking work of Andy Blow and his precision hydration testing has meant that athletes are now able to work out exactly how much they sweat during exercise as well as how they can best replace the lost electrolytes through a unique testing method used on athletes at the Prime Human Performance Institute.

With the physical demands that come with being a professional athlete, this precision hydration testing offers the unique benefit that the athlete does not have to expend any energy during the testing process due to the sophisticated technology.

“There are two parts to the test, the production of the sweat and then the testing,” said H2ProHydrate founder Andy Blow. “With a small plastic device mounted on the forearm of the athlete there is no need for exercise and it takes just five minutes to produce the sweat that is analysed.”

Through his research Blow has realised that everyone sweats differently and that means that his system of replenishing electrolytes is very much athlete specific and the approach is that all athletes are different and hence require different amounts of the supplement.

“It is vital that we establish how much an athlete sweats because that will determine the amount of supplement that the athlete needs. If they sweat a little bit then we will only suggest a smaller amount of our supplement but if an athlete sweats a lot then we will use a much more aggressive amount to help them.

“With this said it is important that we also know what sort of conditions these athletes are competing in as these will also determine how much sweat is being produced. With the hot conditions in South Africa it is important that we can manage each and every athlete correctly,” he added.

The supplements that Blow provides come in different doses to suit the specific athlete.

“We have got a whole array of supplements and I use the analogy that your common sports drink only offers you one option, for example one size – medium let’s say. Whereas with our product we offer the athlete a whole array of sizes – from small to extra-large – and that is why we are able to help athletes when they need that burst.

“We have conducted the test on between 3000 and 4000 athletes so we have a good idea of what they require to perform at their peak for the longest possible period,” Blow mentioned confidently.

The testing has been endorsed by Prime HPI as well as by Sports Physician, Prime Director and Springbok team doctor Dr. Craig Roberts who singles out the importance of being able to treat athletes individually as well as having Prime as the first centre in the country that will be able to administer these tests.

“Professional sport is all about individualising each athlete’s needs and Prime is excited to be the first accredited Sweat Testing facility in Africa, helping insure athletes replenish their fluids with exactly what they need,” Roberts mentioned.

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