Ruth Marcus, Health Advisor & Writer, Lose It! Magazine

Ruth Marcus is a Health Advisor & Writer for Lose It! Magazine.  She is dedicated to improving health and wellbeing through medically supervised nutrition intervention.  She also has a wealth of expertise in Ketogenic dietary therapies and intermittent fasting protocols for the treatment and management of Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Jordan: Ruth, as a health advisor for one of SA’s biggest weight loss magazines, you must have a wealth of knowledge on the latest diet trends, what are the latest dieting trends in SA?

Ruth: Thank you for the kind words! At the moment I would say the two most prominent trends in the ‘dieting world’ are intermittent fasting and the banting or low carb high fat diet. Both diets are primarily aimed at decreasing insulin levels and improving glucose metabolism. Many type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics have seen a vast improvement in their sugar levels after following one of these diets or a combination of the two.

Jordan: You will be speaking on a panel about sports supplements regulations in South Africa at the 2019 Sports Supershow, do you feel as though sports supplement regulation needs to be stricter or more open? And why?

Ruth: The control of supplement use is a highly controversial topic and one that a lot of healthcare professionals grapple with on a daily basis! As things currently stand, my opinion falls more into the latter category as I feel very strongly about endorsing honesty and fairness. With that being said I fully respect the difficulty in trying to decipher which supplements “deserve” regulation and which don’t and I think we have a lot more research to do before any clear-cut decisions can be made in this regard. As a major tennis fan, I was heartbroken to see what Maria Sharapova had to endure as a result of using what in her mind was a safe supplement. The repercussions of what I believe was an innocent mistake were astronomical. This just reinforced my attitude towards the need for stricter regulation purely as protection for vulnerable sportsmen and women.

Jordan: In your experience, which is more important to sustaining the metabolism and performance of an athlete, supplementation or diet?

Ruth: That’s an easy one for me! In my experience diet is undoubtedly the more important component when it comes to performance and metabolism. Without a solid nutrition foundation, the body is depleted and unable to function optimally. I believe supplements play an important adjunctive role but cannot be solely relied upon. Athletes have higher nutritional requirements that ideally need to be met via diet and if necessary, certain supplements.

Jordan: What do you most look forward to by being part of the Sports Supershow 2019?

Ruth: I am looking forward to meeting like-minded individuals, learning more, expanding my knowledge and having an opportunity to discuss current pertinent issues in the health and wellness space.

Ruth is excited to meet you at the Inaugural Sports Supershow 2019. 

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