Sports Analytics Africa Examines Data Driven Fan Engagement

Fan engagement is a hot topic for sporting organisations – and a topic set to feature prominently on the Sports Analytics Africa agenda. Increasingly, sporting organisations are coming to terms with the fact that they can no longer assume that their best and most loyal fans will pack stadiums merely because the home team is playing. Today’s consumers are exposed to an almost unlimited number of entertainment options and sporting organisations have to actively compete for the hearts, attention, and revenue of consumers in a very crowded entertainment space.

Fans are consumers, they are easily distracted, and demand to be engaged 24/7/365. Sports oganisations have to actively engage their different fan segments both inside and outside the game venue – they need to be agile, flexible, and able to evolve their offerings. It’s about keeping fans engaged and understanding the crucial role data plays in driving engagement.

Sports Analytics Africa, taking place 14 – 15 March 2018 at the Radisson Blu in Johannesburg, South Africa, will examine how sports organizations are increasingly looking towards more strategic data-driven marketing approaches to ensure the full engagement of their fans. Fan engagement experts the likes of Trevor Keane from Sportego, Mlondi Mashinini from Fanbase Analytics, and Tiffany Kelly from ESPN will reveal to the attending delegates how to optimally use data to unlock fan engagement.

Trevor Keane will lead a talk (via video) focused on the why and how’s of optimised sports data collection. Mlondi Mashinini will take the audience through a 365-day fan engagement and communication strategy; while Tiffany Kelly will share insights into the Fan Happiness Index she created to quantify fan morale.

The conference, which runs over two-days, includes both on field an off field sports data and analytics topics. A panel of analysts, strategists, innovators, and performance experts at the forefront of sports analytics and technology, are set to challenge and inspire the audience with their perspectives and experiences. The agenda is designed to ensure the attendees walk away with a full understanding of the power and potential of data and analytics and its role is sports.

Sports teams, federations, franchises, leagues, rights holders, governing bodies, media, broadcasters, stadium management, data and analytics solution suppliers, in other words, the people who are deciding the future of sports, will be attending Sports Analytics Africa; the first conference in Africa devoted to analytics and data in sport. To register for the conference, or for more information, visit

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