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The Blame Game

Following the last lap contact between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the Austrian Grand Prix the last time out, the two Championship contenders didn’t take very long to start throwing each other under the bus. Hamilton had a chance to give his side of the story as early as the pre-podium discussion between him and Max Verstappen before telling the same story again on the podium. In the end, Rosberg was the one penalised for causing an accident and for driving with a damaged vehicle.

If there was ever any chance that the two Mercedes drivers could still get along, that slim chance has now gone out the window. The atmosphere in the garage must be even icier than the Ice-Man’s cave in Finland. Toto Wolff must feel like the Principal at a High School that has to call in the two problem kids every Monday morning because they have managed to cause some sort of mischief once again.

Now I’m not going to take sides in the matter, even though I thought Hamilton was in the wrong, because I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. Because if the stewards saw the incident the other way there isn’t much I can say to justify my argument. So enough about that. What makes matters worse for Rosberg is that he is in the final year of his contract with Mercedes and one can only speculate that the head honchos will be thinking that if these incidents keep happening, Rosberg might be forced to find work elsewhere, but where is the big question. Let’s just be thankful that the two Mercedes boys have been given the go ahead to race one another but it’s their final chance to do it cleanly or else both will be subject to team orders which will make the sport super dull and boring.

In other news, Kimi Räikkönen has re-signed with Ferrari for 2017. The rumour mill has obviously been working over time because now everybody thinks that Ferrari made the decision because they want to hold out for the chance to sign Hamilton at the end of next season when his contract comes to an end with the defending champions.

Meanwhile Hamilton began his home British Grand Prix weekend with a bang after putting his Mercedes in P1 in both opening practise sessions. The Brit will be extremely hard to beat following his victory over Rosberg in Austria and in the steward’s office following their last lap clash. The momentum has shifted once again in the ever changing 2016 Formula 1 championship and if Rosberg doesn’t bounce back immediately, he could see his only shot at the title slipping away.

My picks would have been pretty close to spot on in the last race if it wasn’t for Hamilton crashing into Rosberg and for Sebastian Vettel having a blowout, but that’s just racing. This weekend the Red Bulls are looking just as strong as Ferrari if not stronger which will ensure an awesome battle for the remaining podium positions.

  1. Lewis Hamilton 2. Daniel Ricciardo 3. Max Verstappen

Enjoy the race and if you’re taking a bet, the best of luck to you. You can also catch me on Twitter @ChrisFletch46 for questions, comments and all sorts of banter.

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