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They Have The Speed & We Have The Track

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games will be the Games that South Africans will never forget. Not only was it the most successful in our track and field history, but our athletes lit up the Games with performances that captured the hearts and minds of the world, making them global superstars. In what is certainly the fastest guest pairing we have ever had, Speed Stars is thrilled to bring you the race everyone has been dying to see: Akani Simbine versus Wayde van Niekierk.

It’s been an unbelievable year for the 22 year old Akani Simbine. Not only did he smash his own South African 100m record with a time of 9,89 seconds, he got to compete in his first Olympic Games, crowning it with a 5th in the most prestigious sprint race of them all – the Olympic 100m Final! Focused, determined yet humble, sprint ahead four years to Japan and Akani will be the man to beat for gold.

We have no doubt that when the IAAF announces their 2016 World Athlete of Year on the 2nd December, Wayde van Niekerk will be the name they call out! The Golden Boy of the Rio Olympics, Wayde not only smashed Michael Johnson’s 17 year old 400m world record from Lane 8 on his way to gold, he is the only man to ever complete the triple: run the 100m in under 10 seconds, the 200m in under 20 seconds and the 400m under 44 seconds!

With Usain Bolt coming to the end of his career, the 24 year old from Bloemfontein has taken over the baton as the biggest name in track and field.

So yes, they are the fastest guys around the athletics track BUT will they blitz the opposition on the Speed Stars racetrack? We are predicting a photo finish in this sprint for top honours – see them in action on Ignition DSTV 189 at the following times:

5th NOVEMBER @ 19:30

6TH NOVEMBER @ 07:30

7TH NOVEMBER @ 01:30

8TH NOVEMBER @ 09:30 & 21:30

9TH NOVEMBER @ 06:30 & 18:30

10TH NOVEMBER @ 13:30

11TH NOVEMBER @ 15:30

Speed Stars is also available on DSTV Catch Up.

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