Top Tips to Place a Winning Bet on Rugby

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world. It does not only involve huge men running with a ball across the field there is so much more which is put into it. Are you planning to make a bet on rugby? If the answer is yes then here is everything you need to know that will ensure that wager will give you the best outcome.

Before you begin to bet on rugby, there are a few basics which you need to know. Rugby is divided into two codes: Rugby Union and Rugby League.

What is the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby league?

Are you wondering how you can place a winning bet on rugby and win big? The trick is to know the basics first.

Rugby Union

Rugby Union is made up of two teams with 15 players who play a match for 80 minutes.

Players of each side try and ground the ball on the opponent’s side of the pitch to make a “try” which is worth five points. Once a try has been scored the attackers can get more points by making a “conversion.” This is done by kicking the ball through the H-shaped posts. A conversion is worth two points.

The teams move with the ball forward, but they pass it backwards. On the other hand, the defenders will attack the other side, and if a player is tackled and falls to the floor, then a ruck is formed.  However, if the player remains on his feet after a tackle, it is referred to as a maul.

Rugby League

Rugby League is the same thing as Rugby Union. However, the difference between the two codes is the rules after a tackle. Rugby League has 13 players who play for 80 minutes. Once a tackle has been made, there is nothing such as forming a ruck or maul, in this case, the tackled player rolls off the ball with their feet to their teammate.

Moreover, the attacking side can only be tackled six times before they give possession to the other team. However, in Rugby Union, there is no limit in the number of tackles.

What are the available markets which you can bet on?

There is a wide range of markets which you can choose from both in Rugby Union and Rugby League. You can also choose from several international competitions such as the World Cup and the Six Nations.

There are three main markets for betting that is the

  • Moneyline

This is the purest form of betting because you only bet on the one which you think will win. It is the same for both the two codes.

  • Handicap

If you are looking to find more value, then the Handicap bet has got your back. It refers to the advantage that a bookmaker gives one team to make the whole match balanced. In this case, the team with the negative handicap has to score more than the figure which is put in place by the bookmaker. The real handicap has to win, draw or lose by less value than the set figure.

  • Totals

You will bet on the total number of points that are going to be scored in the match. You can either bet on the total below or under that figure.

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