Wheeling It At Momentum 947 MTB Challenge

Around 10 to 15 bikers will attempt to wheelie the entire Momentum 947 Mountain Bike route in a bid to raise awareness, raise funds and raise hope for Surgeons of Little Lives.

This charity initiative forms part of the Ride for a Purpose campaign, which allows cyclists the opportunity to create awareness about personal causes that are close to their hearts.

The Momentum 947 Mountain Bike Challenge takes place on the 7th and 8th of November 2015 at Riversands Commercial Park. Entries close on 31 August 2015.

Throughout this event, the group will perform their wheelie. At any given time one rider must be on their back wheel. “This will take a lot of coordination but it will be enormous fun,” says one of the R2R bikers, Craig Wapnick.

The group forms part of Ride2Raise (R2R), a fund-raising group of friends who try to make a difference by collecting money for worthy causes.

“We will be surrounded by other riders who will form a U-shaped buffer. The idea is that by the time the event starts most riders are aware of us so they know we are coming. As far as I know nothing like this has ever been attempted.”

R2R chose Surgeons for Little Lives because of their dedication to finding a solution for the Baragwaneth Pediatric ward, which at this stage does not have facilities for moms to stay over in comfort to be with their little ones.

Surgeons for Little Lives currently have several projects on the go which include building a dedicated Operating Theatre for the treatment of children with severe burns, a new Paediatric Outpatient Facility, and a mother’s Lactation Unit. An additional project is to build a play-area for children admitted to the surgical ward at the Baragwanath Hospital. They are also in the process of designing a new parental facility, which will allow mothers to stay at the Baragwanath Hospital for the duration of their child’s admission.

Over R14.3 million was raised for charity last year and this year the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge is encouraging riders and charities to use the event to make a difference.

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