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South Africa in recent times have been riding one of life’s most extreme roller coasters, with the current economic situation we all live in this country.

Our dear President and his dodgy compadres have helped to entrench our beloved country into some serious financial crises that has had a major economic impact on everyday households, with food and fuel prices being more unstable than ever before.

On a social front, our nation’s pride, the Springboks, have fallen from grace with no light at the end of the tunnel as yet and the Proteas and Bafana Bafana have stunned most sports fanatics into silence with their sudden resurgence to glory.

So how does all of this impact you and me and what could we do to make life better and live like a king?

First of all, it is time that all the above mentioned stakeholders start listening to the masses which is us…the South African public.

After 22 years of democracy and a whole new generation of people that are more literate than ever before, the time has come to take our knowledge and use it for the better of this country.

We need to become self-sustainable and look after what we have all worked so hard for as a nation together, working against one another won’t help. We need to pull together as a team in one direction and realise the potential we have as ONE.

Now you ask yourself, but how?

A great place to start working together is by relooking your car insurance. Do you realise that your car’s value depreciates every month? Well, that is a major problem with most insurance companies…they don’t include this as a logical option and rather look to make you pay more for something that loses its value. That sounds like a great Nkandla story if you ask us.

With so many advertising gimmicks and tricks out there these days, it could become a confusing situation to decide whom to go with.

Well it’s easy, simply join the masses that have already crossed the floor to royalty and become part of the king’s family at King Price.

Jacques was the founder & webmaster of and was a sports lover of note. He liked writing opinion pieces that matter. In honour of his legacy we will keep posting and keeping his dream alive. RIP 1977 - 2022

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