Christiaan Greyling’s Trail Running Love Story

The Cathedral Peak challenge was always going to test one’s physical and mental limits and following the opening race in the series on the 8th of June, Christiaan Greyling showed himself to be the toughest of all to complete the challenging near 21km trail one in one of South Africa’s most picturesque areas.

With a time of 2 hours, 29min and 52 seconds Greyling finds himself top of the leaderboard 8 seconds ahead of Mlungisi Mazibuko and how he got there is an inspirational story.

Working in a corporate environment at the time, Greyling started trail running in 2012 and describes his love story with the sport as such:

“Trail running is the purest form of meditation; when you’re out there in the mountains and you can only hear your rhythmic footfall on the trail. When you stop in the middle of nowhere and realise that all you have with you is the few things you carry with you, and oftentimes you are far away from society and any resources. It’s a lifestyle, and a everyday journey to meet with God”

Having gained a new perspective on life and how he wants to live it Greyling has since left the hustle and bustle of the business world behind him to pursue his trail running dreams full time, winning all of the Ultra Trail Cape Town 100km, The 100km Skyrun, the Otter trail, the Table Mountain Challenge, African-X, SOX and Num-Num trail, since 2015.

Coming into the 1st of the Cathedral Peak Challenge series, Greyling prepared in Europe and took part in the Zegama-Aizkorri international skyrunning race in Spain before he took to the trail at the end of the 1st full week in June and things could not have gone better for him on the day:

“It was a brilliant crisp day, and it was our first day back in South Africa after two months back in South Africa. It was indeed a perfect opportunity to be reminded of our amazing country and the endless opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. I enjoyed running with people I never ran with before, they challenged me to new levels and I just succeeded with the fastest time.”

Greyling plans on having, if not one more run then as many attempts as he can to better his time for what he describes as “the big showdown” in the final Race in the series on September 22nd.

While Greyling may be one of the top contenders for the ultimate prize in the series, he encourages all who love, running and love the outdoors to enter one of the remaining races in the series and he offers this advice to anyone who wants to feel the crisp morning air in their lungs while running to the summit of Cathedral Peak:

“The first step is to commit! Choose a date, 4-8 weeks from now and start preparing for it, the better you prepare the less suffering on race day you will endure. It does not matter how long it takes – you will do something that less than a few hundred South Africans have ever done: To summit Cathedral Peak. #ChallengeYourself”

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