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Driving to Combat Road Rage

The motorsport calendar for 2018 is about to get underway and with that comes raised highway adrenaline octane levels and indifferent driving behaviours. We thought it would be a fitting time to discuss something that not many drivers think of when getting car insurance quotes before they put pedal to the metal or things get a little heated on the roads of South Africa.

Are men or women more likely to lose it while driving?

Providing personal details, like your gender, when getting a car insurance quote has a lot to do with how men and women behave differently on the roads which then impacts your level of risk.

There has been new research brought to light on how men and women behave differently on the road, which could impact how premiums are calculated in the future. This is specifically related to aggressive driving, which is all too common in South Africa. This behaviour jeopardises the lives of other drivers on the road, passengers, and you. It can also increase your car insurance premiums.

Why do people get angry on the road?

An overwhelming number of South African drivers admit to losing their temper due to traffic-related circumstances. If you’re wondering what counts as aggressive driving, this behaviour typically includes cutting off other cars, yelling, gesturing, hooting, speeding, tailgating, and generally driving in a way that is considered reckless and could lead to road rage.

Aggressive driving behaviour is thought to be the result of taking out your unresolved anger issues, as well as feelings of unfairness, frustration, and helplessness, and releasing these on the road when triggered by perceived bullying, bad manners, and road rage from other drivers.

Unsurprisingly, this behaviour tends to occur where traffic congestion is at its worst, in urban areas. According to the Automobile Association (AA), 80% of car accidents are influenced in some form by aggressive driving.

Who’s worse…Men or women?

Traditionally speaking, it’s taken for granted that men take more driving risks and are more likely to be aggressive on the road. A new study is telling a different story, however. According to the experts, it could be women who are the likelier culprit of road rage. This newer research indicates that more and more women demonstrate higher levels of aggression when driving.

If you suffer from road rage, here’s how to deal with it.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your gender is. Reckless and aggressive driving can be fatal and we all need to take steps to remain calm and safe on the road. The first step is to consciously decide, every time you enter your car, to manage your anger. Part of this is accepting that you will encounter bad-mannered drivers, bullies, and incidents of road rage. Instead of thinking that you can avoid these encounters, rather learn coping methods so that these don’t affect you.

You need to understand what makes you angry when you’re driving. Make yourself aware of what triggers your anger. It’s also important to realise what the impact is on your when you allow negative emotions to take control. For instance, it could create a negative atmosphere afterwards, endanger your life, cause fights with your passengers, scare your children, and impact your health (blood pressure and heart palpitations).

It’s vital that you calm yourself down. When you feel like you’re starting to get angry, do something. Try breathing through the moment, talking to yourself, or thinking about something else. You don’t want to distract yourself from driving responsibly, but you do want to take the focus off of the anger. If you find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to control your anger, it might be worth seeking professional help.

Accidents do happen, whether you’re calm or not. That’s why it’s also important to consider car insurance. If you haven’t already looked at the options available then take a few minutes to compare car insurance quotes from top insurers, like King Price Insurance. King Price offers 1 of a kind car insurance where your premiums decrease every single month in line with the depreciation of your car… And that’s for men and women!

Jacques is the founder & webmaster of and is a sports lover of note. He likes writing opinion pieces that matter.

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