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How to Crush That Last Stretch Before the Festive Break

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The year’s drawing to a close and, as a result, workdays are dragging, students are feeling less energetic, and it’s becoming even harder to win at general life activities. These are all signs that the draining effects of end-of-year fatigue are beginning to set in.  

The final stretch of the year often feels like the hardest to get through. This overwhelming feeling can be amplified by the rush to wrap up work and meet last-minute deadlines, trying to manage all those festive season gigs or even organising vacations with family and friends.

Fortunately, there are some ways to revitalise the body and mind to prevent burnout during the last few weeks of a rollercoaster year.

Learn to unplug
It’s important to unplug from the digital devices we interact with on the regular, especially after a stressful day. A couple of hours spent focusing on something enjoyable and relaxing can help the brain recharge.

Studies have shown that time spent using devices, being online and even excessive texting contribute to mental fatigue, including problems with memory, attention, and concentration.

Scheduling a power-down hour during the day, perhaps before bed, and dedicating that time to go outside and enjoy nature in the garden or park can do wonders during this time of year. There’s no harm in dedicating a day to not using devices for texts, calls or anything else, either.

Get moving
Not only does the end of the year come with added fatigue, but the stress of meeting last-minute deadlines that seem to keep piling up or even planning the perfect vacation can be a taxing ordeal as well. It can take a heavy toll on both body and mind. 

In these instances, the mental and physical benefits of exercise (whether CrossFit or a walk around the block) make this stress-reliever ideal for overcoming end-of-year fatigue. Exercise reduces the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, and stimulates the production of endorphins that act as mood elevators.

Endorphins are responsible for producing feelings of relaxation and optimism – a great way to gain a positive outlook for the year ahead.  

“Busy schedules, constant travelling and going to gigs at crazy hours of the night/early morning pretty much sums up the life of a DJ. It can become extremely stressful! Especially during this time of year,” says Lamiez Holworthy, a well-loved DJ who has partnered with Red Bull on the launch of their new Summer Edition Watermelon can.“ Getting my daily dose of exercise – often requiring a much-needed boost from essential micronutrients, like those from the vitamins contained in Red Bull – not only keeps me fit enough to perform my sets but also helps reduce my stress levels.”

Refuel both body and mind
The effects of end-of-year fatigue, both mental and physical, can also be reversed by refuelling the body with essential nutrients, stimulating the mind by learning a new skill or new hobby or even by stepping out of your comfort zone and just doing things differently.

This year has been particularly tough for professional athletes. We were unable to play the sports that we love and had most of our tours and tournaments cancelled,” says Kagiso Rabada, South African cricketer. “I realised that I had to find a way to keep going, despite the challenges. So, I started dedicating my time and energy towards engaging with people in new and innovative ways, learning new skills to keep my brain stimulated and even got creative by starting a podcast. I also started taking acting lessons!” This innovative approach worked for Rabada, who went on to absolutely crush at the IPL after overcoming an injury and is now setting his sights on dominating the upcoming England tour.

Studies have shown that keeping both body and mind active is vital for maintaining mental fitness and can effectively reduce fatigue, improve alertness and concentration. Physical activities produce endorphins, which can reduce fatigue and keep the body and mind performing optimally.

Chill out to the sounds of summer
It’s no secret that music makes us feel good. What might not be widely known, however, is that upbeat music can have an even more positive effect on our wellbeing, increase our happiness levels and even help us get along better with others.

So, when work, school, side hustles or holiday planning feel like they’re on a go-slow, try jamming to some sizzling hot tunes, like DJ Lamiez Holworthy’s Sounds of Summer Spotify playlist, to boost your mood, get into the festive spirit and make the most of the last stretch of 2020!

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