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Improve Your Surfing with Matt Bromley

Renowned big wave surfer and freesurfer Matt Bromley wants to make you surf your very best, with his surf fitness and online conditioning courses.

Bromley, who is going to bring out a big wave movie soon – has several online courses on offer that will help you to up your game. They will help you get the most fit you can be for a premium surfing experience.

“I’m super excited about my new Surf Fitness and Conditioning resource, created together with my Sports Scientist, Matt Holden,” said Bromley.

“This is a crucial aspect of confidence and performance in surfing some of the biggest waves in the world. It also keeps me sharp and explosive in my small wave game.”

According to the Monster Energy athlete Bromley, surfers need to cross-train for 2 reasons:

  1. Building stability in our joints is crucial for injury prevention. “Surfing has so many unpredictable, forces and angles being thrown at us from all directions, as well as repetitive motions involved in paddling,” reckons Bromley. “We need strength and stability in our muscles and joints. When I don’t train, I get rotator cuff issues within weeks!”
  1. Improve our surfing and lengthen our sessions. “Suppose we’re serious about improving our surfing game,” said Bromley. “In that case, we must build explosive and rotational power for paddling, doing turns and generating speed. Many of our exercises also work on the fine stability muscles that help with balance. These are crucial for control on the wave.”

There is also a stamina aspect. “All of us want to surf for longer,” said Bromley. “Our surf workout is designed to strengthen the muscles we need for surfing as well as incorporates interval cardio throughout the routine to mimic the surf.”

Three resources are included in Matt’s course, for only $15.

  1. Matt’s surf-specific workout (regular and advanced)
  2. Matt’s progressive weekly swim routine 
  3. Matt’s progressive weekly run and stair routine

Surf Fitness and Conditioning course

“I love the workout because it can be done on the road, at home, in hotel rooms; all you need is a stopwatch and a theraband,” said Matt.

And don’t forget Matt’s 3 other epic resources:

Learn to Surf

Barrel Riding and High-Performance Surf

Bigger Wave Riding

If you’re serious about wanting to improve your surfing or even just getting your fitness levels to where they should be, then have a look at what Matt is offering.

If it involves waves and boards and speed then Jarvi is your guy!

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