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Last Man Standing Home Series – Week 1 Re-cap

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The Last Man Standing Home Series is a functional fitness endeavour to help keep our fellow South Africans active and moving regardless of age, gender, place of residence or even the amount of space available within your home. As the first week of the series comes to an end, this vision has really come to light. It has been refreshing during this time of uncertainty to see 100’s of fellow South Africans taking time to get their bodies moving in conventional and often creative ways, and bringing the whole family together to complete the workouts.

One thing that has stood out during the first week is the abundance of people banding together during a time like this. Last Man Standing Home Series has been flooded with videos and photographs of athletes completing workouts, smashing personal goals, and inspiring us all. What has been truly inspiring during this time is how South Africans from all walks of life, who wouldn’t normally partake in a functional fitness competition, are pushing themselves and enjoying using their bodies in a different way. We have seen dad’s encouraging their kids to run up and down the driveway with them, young adults motivating their parents to do sit-ups with them, couples pushing each other to complete their reps and have even seen athletes getting their lovable pets involved as playful supporters. The amount of productivity, comradery and creativity that we have seen during the first week is something that makes this series unique.

Above this, it has been heartwarming to see so many people smiling and keeping their spirits up while breaking a sweat. This is what draws people into fitness. The friendships we make along the way with people we’d otherwise not associate with and the selfless motivation to push each other to their personal best. The Last Man Standing Home Series has been an example of how fitness can bring people together during an otherwise stressful and uncertain time. The series has not only inspired people to stay home, but to stay home with a smile on their face while getting their heartrates up. The first week has ultimately shown an expanding network of people falling in love with fitness and doing their bit for our beautiful country by staying home.

We are excited to see what week two brings and remember it’s not too late to sign up! Download the app for free ( ) and get your free entry to the Last Man Standing Home Series today. Winners will be chosen at random for each workout and they will receive awesome goodies and prizes thanks to our Last Man Standing sponsors and partners.

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