Leanne Manas to Ride in Cycle4Diabetes Relay

Popular Morning Live presenter, Leanne Manas, will be participating in the 4th annual Novo Nordisk Cycle4Diabetes relay, which will take place from 4 to 7 November. The Cycle4Diabetes is held every year to coincide with World Diabetes Day, which occurs on 14 November.

Manas will participate in some of the legs of the round-trip route that will start in Johannesburg and run through KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga before returning to Johannesburg.

Cycle4Diabetes has three objectives: to support a George based charity that raises funds for medication needed by disadvantaged children living with diabetes, to raise awareness about diabetes in the population as a whole, and to provide access to free diabetes testing and advice along the relay route.

Manas, who is deeply committed to making a difference for disadvantaged children in South Africa, has recently returned to South Africa after taking part in the Trek4Mandela climb up Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro. She did this to help raise funds for the primary healthcare needs of disadvantaged girls living in South Africa’s rural areas and townships.

“Having been blessed with good health, one of my personal goals is to support efforts that aim to give our most vulnerable children access to proper healthcare,” says Manas, who has already started training for the gruelling cycle event.

She laughingly confesses that she hasn’t always been in great shape, though, and that the invitation to climb Kili made her think more carefully about the role that physical activity has to play in maintaining good health. This is especially true when it comes to preventing and managing a lifestyle-related condition such as diabetes.

“This is one of the reasons I’m so excited about participating in Cycle4Diabetes,” she says. “The event has a holistic focus that includes educating people about healthy living and giving them access to all-important diabetes testing.”

The educational and testing component of the event has the active support of the National Department of Health.

“It’s wonderful to see individuals, the private sector and government all working together to meet one of our country’s most significant healthcare challenges,” says Manas. “The Cycle4Diabetes message is also very positive, as it focuses on the fact that diabetes is both a preventable and manageable condition.”

Several of the cyclists taking part in the relay are, in fact, people living with diabetes, which is proof of how effective healthy living and contemporary treatment protocols can be. Early diagnosis makes an important difference to long-term outcomes too, which is why testing for the condition in at-risk individuals is so important.

Speaking on behalf of Novo Nordisk, General Manager Dr Timmy Kedijang said, ”by educating as many people as possible about the risk factors associated with diabetes, the importance of early diagnosis and the importance of adhering to treatment, far fewer people are likely to be at risk of developing diabetes in the future.

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