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#LetsMeat the Braai Free Team

It’s a blue Monday…. You are tired, stressed, forgot to pack lunch, your new shoes are hurting your feet and you are very hungry.  On your way back home you start thinking about dinner.  You feel like you want to start crying as you realise you have to go to the shop because there is no meat in the freezer.  As you plan your illegal U-turn you realise you placed an order with and the delivery is waiting at home.  Tears of joy now filling your eyes because you don’t have to stand in a long queue in shoes that are literally making your feet bleed.

Does this sound familiar?  Then look no further.  What is Braai Free?  A brilliant concept of fresh food distribution, delivering various quality foodstuffs to customers at competitive prices whilst offering customers the opportunity to get their own food for less.  No more driving, no more queuing, no more disappointing quality meat.  Braai Free only stocks AAA Grade meat, vacuum-packed and delivered straight to your door.  Best of all, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  Best of all – Braai Free delivers for free in Gauteng (soon countrywide) – Wait What?!!!  What do you get these days for free? Deliveries take place Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you place your order before 12:00 on Tuesday, you will receive your order on Wednesday.  Now that’s convenient!

The Braai Free website is very user friendly, giving clear and usable instructions on their various products available.  When browsing the Braai Free site, you can shop online for your favourite meats or you can try some of their hampers available which gives you a whole range of their excellent meats.  There are about 15 different hampers that you can choose from.  They also have special monthly hampers available at a really good price.  What impressed me most was that they had hampers to suit everybody’s pockets.

We were fortunate enough to try out two of their hampers.  The Savings Hamper and Lamb Roast and Pork Roast Hamper.  Neatly delivered at the comfort of our home in a very professional cooler box.  Upon opening the cooler box the meat was at an impressive temperature of 8 °C, each packet individually vacuum sealed and labelled. 


  • The meat was vacuum sealed, which made packing the freezer easier and neater.
  • Each packet was labelled, which is very convenient.
  • No excessive fat on any of the meat. (we loved the fact that there was no fat in the beef stew)
  • The handmade boerewors had very little fat and was flavoured amazingly.
  • The handmade burger patties were definitely the best I’ve tasted in a long time.
  • The tenderised steak was thick cut pieces, unlike the ones you buy in the shop and was excellent in our Beef Stroganoff and also delicious fried on its own.
  • The pork roast was amazing, almost no fat, just skin that roasted to a yummy crunchy crisp and tender mouth-watering flesh.
  • The 500 g portions was just enough for two people, which makes portioning very easy.
  • The quality of the meat is excellent, which is clearly visible when preparing dishes.
  • Good value for money!


The team from Braai Free is friendly, helpful and always available if you have a question or two. You can register for their newsletter and stay informed about their latest deals and news. They can be reached via the website, Facebook and you can also find them on twitter @BraaiFreeSA.

Be sure to check out their new July Survival Hamper and also some awesome specials on their website and Facebook page.


Married to my soulmate & mother of two, professional chef/hospitality lecturer & foodie writer for this website.

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