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Meet Vincent & Jandre Koch

What do you get when you mix tall, blonde and beautiful with tall, blonde and sporty? Well, you get the Kochs of course.

Meet Jandre and Vincent Koch, a power couple in all sense of the word.

Currently residing in London, this duo knows how to withstand any test of time, distance or obstacle. Currently applying his trade at the Saracens, the South African rugby player has an incredible list of accolades that would make any professional rugby player proud, but one of his most prized titles, is that of being called “husband” to Jandre.

We caught up with Jandre, who gives us some insight into the life, love and lifestyle of “The Kochs”.

How did you two meet, tell us about your “love-story”?

We met through a mutual friend one night out. To be honest, I was not interested in a city boy who had a mullet, lol. We slowly started chatting more on Mxit (yes, it was during the times of Mxit) and thereafter started going out on a few dates, and slowly but surely this man crept into my heart, and stayed there forever.

What makes your relationship unique and special?

The fact that we are best friends and enjoy being silly together.

How do you maintain a healthy relationship in an industry that’s so publicised and in the open?

We try to make a lot of time for each other, and when we are together we ensure we make it special. We also try our very best to live as much of a “private life”, away from the media, as possible.

In your opinion, what is the most important foundation of any relationship?

To love your partner unconditionally.

What’s the most romantic thing Vincent has ever done for you?

The day he proposed to me was honestly the best day of my life, second to my wedding day, of course.

What are you most proud of when it comes to Vincent and his accomplishments?

I am incredibly proud of that fact that he has always remained humble, and that he is always willing to help the young lads and make time for his supporters.

How do you want to be remembered as a couple in years to come?

“The silly couple.” Being able to have fun together is such an important part of life.

What was the hardest challenge when it came to moving abroad, in order for Vincent to join an overseas team?

The hardest thing was leaving our family and our dog behind, and not being on the beach in December 😉

How do you personally cope with his demanding schedule and having to be away from home frequently?

Obviously moving abroad changed our lifestyle and our schedules a lot. With us being in England, Vincent is luckily never really away from home for more than a weekend. But when he is with the Springboks, I try to make more time for family and friends, as he is away for longer periods of time.

You’ve travelled the world together, where to next?

Our next holiday destination we will be travelling to the USA – we’re very excited about this trip!

Tell us something about Vincent, which no one else knows?

He is scared of grasshoppers!


How long have you been married?  Three years in June.

What is your nickname for Vincent? Engel/Liefie

What is Vincent’s nickname for you? Pop

What body part of his do you love the most? I love everything about him, I honestly can’t pick one.

Does he snore? No, and I wish he did.

Has he ever forgotten an anniversary or birthday? No, he is quite a romantic.

Your favourite date-night restaurant? Silver Palate 

Do you want kids one day? If yes, how many? Yes, we would love to have kids one day, we have agreed on two.

Your favourite memory together as a couple? Our wedding day.

The most cherished item you own as a couple? This would most definitely be our Bull-Terrier, Xena.

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