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Memorable Roman’s Salads

It started in 2005 with two people, the busy streets of Pretoria and a Roman’s Pizza in Lynnwood Road.  My fondest memory of Roman’s was a candlelit dinner in the far corner, looking into a pair of soft beautiful blue eyes.  We wanted to try something different for dinner and decided to try their salads.  We ordered a Chef Salad and a Chicken Salad.  When the salads arrived we were surprised by the large portion.  We enjoyed the meal, loved the portion sizes and made it a regular for our dinner choice.  An amazing 10 years has passed and we decided we wanted to see if our favourite salads are still as memorable as the romantic nights in Pretoria.  I was very excited as I opened my Chicken Salad…   The portion was enormous, topped off with lots and lots of chicken.  If there is one thing that can make or break a salad is the tomatoes, it needs to be very firm and super crunchy.  And yes, it was crunchy tomatoes, crispy fresh lettuce, juicy pineapple and fresh mushrooms.  Each bite was a walk down memory lane.  I’m proud to announce that after 10 years, Roman’s standards have not changed at all, still worth every bite of deliciousness.

Married to my soulmate & mother of two, professional chef/hospitality lecturer & foodie writer for this website.

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