#MissionSamsung3 – Challenge 3: Dear Santa….

Before I start to tell you about a small, elegant, beautiful smart little miracle machine, take a look at this…

Take a few minutes, get back your breath and let me tell you why I am making sure I’m staying off Santa’s naughty list this year.

This powerful 900w microwave with a convection and grill is much more than your average microwave. It’s a kitchen must have for young, old, bachelor, bachelorette and mega family!

The reason they call it a Smart Oven, is because it has quite a few “smart” functions that you can use that is already programmed into the oven, so you only have to press one button with the help of your accessories you get with it namely your crusty plate, high rack and low rack.



This programme will defrost your food to perfection with its 5 different smart settings – meat, poultry, fish, bread and fruit.  It defrosts by means of a sensor system with a recommended weight range per item.  I used the defrost function almost every night for dinner and it works perfectly.


This programme contains pre-programmed cooking times.  The Smart Cook feature is further divided into two sections:  Auto Reheat and Auto cook.

Auto Reheat:

This function enables you to reheat 12 different items to perfection without overheating, burning or even overcooking the products.  The items differ from chilled items to even frozen readymade items.

Auto cook:  (definitely one of my favourites)

With 13 pre-programmed functions you can cook from popcorn, bacon, chicken pieces, and croissants to cookies, fresh bread rolls and muffins. The Auto Cook function allows you to cook your food automatically by detecting the temperature of the surface while cooking.  It is important to follow the directions in the instruction manual when cooking the different items as it tells you if you have to use the crusty plate, high rack or low rack etc.


Yummy freshly baked biltong rolls


Crunchy biscuits

SLIM FRY FEATURE:  (awesome for the diet)

It is programmed with 10 Slim Fry options where you use less oil compared to frying in a friture or deep fryer with the same results.  It runs with a combination of convection, top heater and microwave energy to provide you with a succulent “crunch”.  The programmes range from frozen oven chips, mini spring rolls, homemade French fries, potato wedges to drumsticks and courgettes.


Sliced courgettes – Before


Sliced courgettes – after – delicious


Crispy chips – Before


Crispy chips – after


Potato wedges – Before


Potato wedges – After – cripsy and munchkins loved it too


Paprika and garlic potato wedges –  subime


Chicken portion – succulent and crispy


Programmed with 5 settings where you can ferment pizza dough, cake dough, bread dough and yes….wait for it…..big and small bowls of YOGHURT!  Now show me a microwave that can do that!


My biltong rolls just after they were proved – ready to be baked

FAST PREHEATING THE OVEN: (another one of my favourites)

As with any oven, you can pre-heat your smart oven and the best news of all – it is about 5 times faster in pre-heating than a normal oven which I love.


Pre-heating mode in action


With the convection setting you can cook the items in the same way as you would cook in a traditional oven.  The temperature will go up to 200°C and maximum cooking time is 60 minutes.  The grilling function enables you to grill, heat or brown food quickly without using the microwaves to cook the food.  The high rack comes in very handy for this feature.  Alternatively you can combine the microwave with the grill to quickly cook and brown at the same time.  The convection and microwave function can also be combined to make roasts, pies and cakes and egg and cheese dishes that will leave your mouth watering for more.


Pizza – convection mode –  so yummy


Matured rump – grill mode – soft, juicy and perfectly cooked to medium rare – unforgettable


Pork rashers – Grill mode – sooo yummy


Safety lock – The Smart Oven has a safety lock feature if you have small little munchkins (like me) running around in the house and trying out every button and knob.

Reheating liquids – the user guide has a whole section on reheating different types of liquids and sauces and stews to give you the best quality and temperature.

Reheating baby food – this is an awesome function as you are always so scared to reheat baby food and formula or milk in the microwave for them because all the old wives tales told you that they will get radiation poisoning, or they will get cancer etc or just because you were scared to overheat it and burn your little one.  Well, no more, the user guide tells you exactly how long, what setting, specific instructions and standing time for your little ones food and drinks – if only I had this when my little ones were small, as I remember holding a bottle of baby food in a bowl of hot water, waiting for ages until it was heated up.

Special hints – the user guide gives you some very valuable special hints when melting chocolate, butter, gelatine, glaze icing, cooking jam and even browning almond slices.

Energy save mode – yes, they have also gone green!  There is a very cool energy saving option that you can activate when you are not using the Smart Oven that saves you energy – and money which in my case means extra money for shopping!!


The sweet and the short – it’s easy to clean, the crusty plate is non-stick, its faster than an oven, you don’t have to check up on the food like on a stove or oven, its healthier, convenient to use if you are a working mom and there is not a lot of time for dinner but you really want to make healthy nutritious food, it looks super sexy in your kitchen and you are the envy of all your friends, its super easy to use and saves you time and money…

After doing some Googling I found quite a few websites that have a whole range of Samsung Smart Oven recipes, so please have a look at these amazing recipes. 


Dear Santa

Please give all my friends Samsung Smart Ovens too, so we can have delicious Samsung Smart Oven Dinner parties – we promise to invite you too!!

Lots of love


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