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Open Letter to the Vodacom Bulls

Mr Ludeke, Mr Spies and Team

Two losses in two weeks… I promised myself I would give it till after the second week of Vodacom Super Rugby before I decide to do this if needed and sadly the time has come…

As a proud supporter, not fan, of the Vodacom Bulls, I really feel that it’s time to speak out to our beloved team. Yes, I am writing this letter not just on my own behalf but on behalf of the over 3 million other Bulls supporters around the world you guys are supposedly “playing for”.

If your supporters are as important to you as you claim them to be, then it is only fair that we as your supporters tell you how we feel about what we are seeing week in and week out.

Having followed your preseason training and warm-up games closely, things really looked promising for this season. Reading about an empty Loftus was not fun and it seemed like things could change for the better.

Then came an injury plagued DHL Stormers team and beat you against all odds…only to be followed up with a second loss by a below par performance from the Hurricanes, who has not won 2 games in South Africa since 2006.

Something is not right and we as your supporters can see it!

Yes, we want to fill Loftus to capacity and make you that once untouchable force at what was then known as “Fortress Loftus”. Yes, we want to scream our lungs out when you scrum your opponents into the ground. Yes, we want to sing along when the ball sails over the crossbar and yes, we want to line the streets of Pretoria when you travel on a bus with your trophies, BUT how can we do this if you aren’t doing your 80 minutes on the park?

When last did we see our beloved Bulls get scrummed into the trenches like they were against a junior Stormers scrum? When last did we see so many handling errors as we’ve seen in the past two games? When last did we see 13 Springboks get ripped to pieces like we saw the last two weeks?

It’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself just one question!

“Why did I become a Blue Bull?”

Was it not for moments like this Pierre, Victor and Werner?

There are millions of people around the world that would love to be in your shoes, but you are the selected few that have the honour. You are the privileged ones that get to live, work and breathe in the shadows of Loftus Versfeld, a cauldron of history, legends, and heroes to millions.

Do any of you realise how lucky you are to be where you are today? Well, if anyone does know how lucky you are it is us, your true supporters. The people that get called names, that get humiliated, that stand up for you guys and that wear their Blue jerseys every week with pride no matter what adversity comes their way on a daily basis.

The ones that sleep outside Loftus to get tickets to share in moments like this below!

We know what lies within a true Blue Bull, and what we’re seeing currently is not THAT!!!

Frans and Pierre, it’s time you and your management team take a hard look at yourselves and start doing what you get paid to do and know best to do. Winning games and trophies the way you have done!

Start playing the rugby we as supporters want you to play? None of this crash ball tactics or this up and under with no purpose stuff! Show us what you guys can really do with the amazing talent that you have at your disposal. Stop forcing players into a mould which they will never fit into! They became stars not because of what they were forced to do but because of their own natural ability. Stop playing people out of position and killing their careers in the process!

We are pleading with you, our team! Please show us you are better than this!? Please show us why you have been Super Rugby Champions more than any other South African franchise!? Please show us why you are the most successful Currie Cup side since you got established (Won 23 titles compared to Western Province’s 17 titles since 1938)!? Please show us why you have been the “Springbok factory” over the years!?

Show us this Pierre Spies!? Show us this Francois Hougaard!? Show us this towering Victor Matfield!?

There was a time during the 90’s that Blue Bulls rugby almost did not exist. Do you want to be that next generation of Bulls that will be forgotten or will you stand up and be that Bulls side that generations will talk about even when you’re gone one day?

We want you not to see this as a negative letter but rather see it as an inspirational outcry by the people who care about you and what Bulls rugby stands for. We want you to be the team that everyone fear and not the team that everyone laughs at. We want you to be trophy winners and not the team everyone writes off before the season starts. We want you to be the game plan that everyone wants and not the game plan everyone hates.

We want you to be the VODACOM BULLS!!!!!

Yours truly

Jacques Henning & all the millions of Bulls supporters around the world.

Jacques was the founder & webmaster of and was a sports lover of note. He liked writing opinion pieces that matter. In honour of his legacy we will keep posting and keeping his dream alive. RIP 1977 - 2022



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  2. Brandon Robbeson

    June 13, 2015 at 7:04 PM

    Ek is n 14 jarige kind wat di bulle support van kleins af……maar dit was nog toe ons n afrigter gehad het wat weet wat hy doen,met di een wat ons nou sit gaan ons nerens kom ni en ek weet ni hoe die span dit nie kan raak sien nie….Frans Ludeke moet waai…ons het een van die beste spanne op papiere maar weereens ons problem le by ons onosele afrigtr…hy moet terug gaan van waaraf hy kom want hy dryf die blou bul unie in die grond in

    • Jacques Henning

      June 15, 2015 at 7:12 AM

      Hoe voel jy nou nadat Frans weg is meneer? En wie dink jy moet ons nuwe afrigter word?

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