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Results of the EPL Matches

The 2017/18 Premier League season brought the EPL fans a lot of bright emotions. We saw comebacks, unexpected failures and principal competitors defeated. Competitions were distinguished by uncompromising struggles till the last second.

In the first half of the season, the domination of Manchester City was so great, that by its middle it had been obvious that the Citizens wouldn’t miss out on the title. They were going to their goal confidently and could have become champions of the season against their principal rival, Manchester United. However, the team of José Mourinho losing with a score of 0-2 at the beginning was against such an outcome, turned the tide of the championship and gained an impressive victory.

The EPL fixtures will clean the air. There are just a few rounds till the end of the tournament but it is still not clear who will enter the European Championships and what teams will join “West Bromwich” in the relegation zone. This season, the EPL results impressed even the most experienced fans. Especially this relates to Liverpool. Klopp’s team traditionally has a good position on the table but loses precious points when playing with medium-level teams and outsiders.

Leading Clubs’ Competitions

Remaining competitions are a chance for some teams to save their current season. None of the teams can relax now. We can expect challenges for:

  • the second prize;
  • not leaving the Premier League.

In the future teams will have zero margins for error, as they need points more than ever. Even though half of the teams have already achieved their goals for the season, it is possible that they won’t be fully motivated to win. Besides, victory in the EPL is an additional bonus that will be hardly abandoned. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget about the club honour too.

Most of the front-runners have already started to look ahead to the future and try to bolster their teams for the 2018/19 season. For example, Chelsea and Arsenal who have lost the current campaign are actively training promising young players to give them more options on the field and make them feel more confident for the big league. It is also obvious that the EPL will see sensational transfers relating to the leading football players of the modern world. For instance, it is rumoured that Gareth Bale may return to the Foggy Albion, as Manchester United are interested in his services.

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