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Six Weeks of Community with Last Man Standing

Over the last six weeks Last Man Standing has be privileged to witness what community in action actually means, extending far beyond the functional fitness community to a larger group of South Africans, focusing on their physical and mental growth. The Last Man Standing Home Series started out with the aim to bring people together through non-competitive fitness, and as we draw to an end of the series the results of this are overwhelming. The Last Man Standing team and all participants have experienced an enormous amount of motivation, sweat, laughter and constant fun coming from the series, sponsors, supporters and fellow athletes.

The series would not have been possible, or as much fun without our amazing participants. We would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for making this series one to remember. We enjoyed taking the journey with you through the amazing photographs and videos posted to our social media pages as well as on the app. The creativity we’ve seen from participants using car axles, gas bottles and office supplies to name a few has kept us entertained and motivated throughout the last six weeks. We also had the opportunity to reward several of our participants throughout the six weeks. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners! We look forward to our continued active and healthy relationship and we trust you enjoyed your prizes from our amazing sponsors.

The Last Man Standing team has worked closely with our sponsors and as usual, they have exceeded our expectations with their professionalism and love of all things active. Our participants would agree that the prizes and incentives kept them going, and helped motivate them to do their best in every workout. During these trying times, we know that finances are tight and stress levels are high but the level of generosity coming from our sponsors is exceptional and we look forward to our continued relationship in to the future. A special shout-out to USN South Africa, Rebel Elite Fitness, Worn Apparel and FreeForm Silicone Rings.

Lastly, we want to reflect on the passion and dedication to staying active and building the fitness community. We started out by saying that the Home Series aimed to bring people together and six weeks later we can honestly say we have seen this in abundance. The series has seen people putting their egos aside to encourage participants who are new to functional fitness and even our long-term functional fitness athletes. We have seen sportsmanship in its truest form where competitors and fellow events coordinators have supported one another, coming together and building the active community in South Africa. We look forward the continued growth of the functional fitness community and overall active lifestyle in South Africa.

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