Skullcandy War Rig Team Profiles – Brian “Enduro” Capper

When you are faced with a daunting near 3km downhill course with only fate and gravity pulling you inexorably towards the safety of the finish line, surely you would want the best chance of SURVIVAL?!

Skullcandy have done just that for the 16th of September 2018, assembling one of 76 intrepid crews that will be putting on their best crash face as Red Bull brings you the #redbullboxcartrace for 2018, where only the best will be able to navigate their way down Sandton Drive all the way to glory!

Inspired by the take-no-prisoners world created by George Miller and Byron Kennedy of MAD MAX, Skullcandy have pulled out all of the stops to give their team War Rig the best chance of lifting the trophy by bringing together the devastating power of EFC’s Martin “The Punisher” van Staden and the feminine wiles of Dance and Entertainment powerhouse Courtnae’ “B-Girl” Paul as their crew while Kerim “Moto-X” Fitz-Gerald’s enthusiasm and knowledge of wheels and racing will help guide them to victory on the tarmac of Sandton Drive.

Every team, though, needs a leader. A real “Mad” Max Rockatansky in the post-apocalyptic world of Miller and Kennedy, to steer their box cart to the title of Red Bull Box Car Race 2018 Champions. That man is none other than Pilot – Brian “Enduro” Capper.

No other quartet will be able to show you what it really means to #feelskullcandy than van Staden, Paul, Fitz-Gerald and Capper.

To really know how a team ticks, you need to know there leader, so who is Brian “Enduro” Capper?

Born on the 12th of March 1979 and a resident of Johannesburg, Capper is the definition of extreme. It took one solo-spin on two wheels at the age of 9 and the legend that is “Enduro” was born. Beginning his life on a bike in the competition of Trials, Brian very quickly became a master of balance and centre of gravity, two aspects that make him the perfect man to steer Team Skullcandy War Rig down the #redbullboxcartrace course on 16 September 2018.

Seeing all the angles, all the bumps and undulations in all kinds of terrain helped lead “Enduro” to eleven South African Titles, international recognition and making him the pioneer of SA’s first trick-riding show.

So talented and driven is Capper that he made the unorthodox move of moving from the slower pace of Trials to Supermoto in 2005 and proceeded to conquer the sport in two separate classes that year and the next in 2006, an unprecedented feat. After turning out for a factory team the USA in 2007, Brian returned to his homeland in 2008 and retired from the sport in 2010 a nine-time national champion.

One of Capper’s proudest and most extreme accomplishments was achieved in 2011 when he decided to take his bike 106m into the air over Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium Arch. With the kind of focus, balance and control seen in Buddhist Monks, “Enduro” easily rode up and down the 1050 steps to make history as the 1st man to achieve the feat.

After turning his attentions to four-wheels off road in 2013 and 2014 where he won the Donaldson Cross Country National Championship side by side class in 2014, Brian added his name to the bill of the Red Bull World Tour finale in Pretoria that same year and conducted what is considered the first ever trial biking tour through Africa where he showcased his skill in Kenya and Tanzania.

With a major focus on the EnduroX series Capper continues to take his talents to a number of exhibition events around the world.

If you are a fan of Brian “Enduro” Capper and his Team Skullcandy War Rig crew, then head over to their team page NOW and vote for them as the coolest most outrages team to challenge Sandton Drive in this year’s Red Bull Box Cart Race.

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