Skullcandy War Rig Team Profiles – Martin “The Punisher” van Staden

With only 25 days to go until the slopes of Sandton get fired up with the 2018 Red Bull Box Cart Race on 16 September, one team is going all out to take the glory, Team Skullcandy War Rig!

This unique non-motorized racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous, human-powered soapbox dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race.

Team Skullcandy War Rig is going old school, MAD MAX style, taking it into the future with their mega cool crew of misfits when they challenge the rest of the contenders dashing down Sandton Drive in less than a month.

This power team each possess an extraordinary set of skills and over the next couple of days and weeks we will be looking at each of them individually and what they bring to the team that has only one goal insight.

Lead by Brian Capper (Team Captain & lead driver) and co-driver, Kerim Fitzgerald, Team Skullcandy War Rig also boasts a pit crew of championship qualities in Courtnae’ Paul and Martin “The Punisher” van Staden.

Starting with the latter this week, we look at the man known to most as “The Punisher” and for good reason.

Martin, who is a full-time Mixed Martial Arts fighter, comes from humble beginnings in Durban where he was discovered by the late Kevin Thomas. Starting his sporting career as a rugby player, he soon realised he is too small for the sport to make it any further and turned to what he loves most – fighting.

Getting into brawls was not the ideal way for van Staden and when approached by Thomas he soon discovered his talent which has made him the most experienced athlete in EFC to date.

Being a full-time fighter he spends most of his days focusing on Jiu-jitsu, boxing and everything else that makes him the ultimate MMA athlete. He also does a lot of gym work and swimming for his conditioning.

One of the reasons he loves the sport of MMA so much is because of its constant evolution and growth. The art of getting better and learning new techniques and applying them is what drives him to be the best. He has a strong ground and pound game and has great boxing and knock-out powers in both arms.

One of “The Punishers” greatest achievements was winning the EFC Lightweight title and also to go 3 whole rounds with UFC fighter, Brian Ebersole. He is also very proud of some of his KO performances, notably Ronald Dlamini and Brian Thomas and most specifically his debut fight at EFC 09 when he beat Steven Momah in the first round.

When van Staden is not training or fighting he uses his time to relax and recover by spending time with his wife and friends watching movies or going to the beach when possible.

If you are a fan of Martin “The Punisher” van Staden and his Team Skullcandy War Rig crew, then head over to their team page NOW and vote for them as the coolest most outrages Champions to conquer Sandton Drive in this year’s Red Bull Box Cart Race.

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