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Stellensport Premier Netball League 2020

The StellenSport Premier Netball League (SPNL) is a fourteen (14) week round-robin netball tournament, including playoffs and finals which will be kicking off in 2021. The original roll-out for the tournament was scheduled for late 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the National Lockdown, it has become necessary to postpone the official start of the tournament to 2021.

The tournament will consist of 10 premier netball teams from all districts of the Western Cape. The number of teams per district has been selected based on the size of the district and the registered netball community within the Western Cape Netball Federation. The ten (10) team consists of three (3) teams from the Cape Town district; three (3) teams from the Cape Winelands District and one (1) team each from the Overberg, Eden, West Coast and Central Karoo districts, respectively. In addition to the 10 premier teams participating, a junior club league will also form part of the SPNL schedule. The SPNL Junior competition will consist of ten (10) teams competing in the U14, U16 and U18 categories. The composition of the teams will be similar to that of the premier team competition.

The 10 teams are:

Cape Winelands:  Falcons, Eagles, Swifts

Cape Town:  Seahawks, Blue Birds, Blue Cranes

West Coast: Penguins

Overberg:  Flamingos

Central Karoo:  Larks

Eden:  Robins

The SPNL 2021 will take place in the Western Cape but players from all over South Africa (and the world) are welcome to enter into the tournament. All players will be required to sign an employment contract with their respective teams which will clearly define their contractual obligations to the team they will be representing. All team members, including management will be paid a monthly salary with benefits and will be required to reside within the district they will be representing.

CEO of StellenSport, Mrs Freda Kemp explains the need to move the 2020 tournament out to next year;

“These events will be subject to Government’s COVID-19 strategy as the health of our participants and stakeholders are of utmost importance to us. Should COVID-19 regulations prohibit the roll-out of the festival we will communicate this to all stakeholders as soon as possible. In the meantime, we have scheduled a 2020 pre-tournament grading weekend that will go a long way in determining that an extremely high level of play is portrayed in the 2021 tournament.

More information will be on the following platforms.

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