Team Prospects for Next NBA Season

The 2018 NBA off-season was especially interesting and rich in news. During this period, representatives of clubs managed to make a number of important changes and acquisitions that will affect the standings of the league in the future. So, this summer was especially rich in transfers that will change the overall alignment of squads.

In addition to the sensational transfers of LeBron and Kahwi, there have been many more important transfers. In order to follow the results of your favorite teams, it is good to find a reliable site for watching broadcasts. Thus, basketball games are available on this user-friendly website.

Most Exciting Off-Season Events

Among the NBA members there are several teams that have experienced great changes during the off-season. These include:

  1.  Charlotte Hornets – Tony Parker has joined the roster, and this decision is huge for the club, as it will help to increase the variety of options. This player will also become an excellent backup for Kemba Walker. It’s also worth mentioning that this season will be the last for him; after it he will look for a new place to continue his career. In general, the recruiting of the team is great, but this won’t be enough to reach the top of the Eastern Conference.
  2. Detroit Pistons – The club has changed coach — Dwane Casey was appointed to the position of the new head of the team, and management will rely on him. He will have to deal with the lack of balance between Drummond and Griffin for starters. Thus fans can hope that the new season will be more successful for Detroit.
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers – The Cavs prospects are overshadowed by the absence of LeBron James, and they are trying to replace him with Kevin Love. However, the departure of James requires restructuring of their lineup, which has already begun. Colin Sexton has also joined the team; he showed good results in the Summer League. In addition, the Cavs can take advantage of their veterans as beneficial assets. But one thing remains obvious — the beginning of the season for Cleveland will be particularly tough.
  4. Chicago Bulls – The Bulls have rejuvenated their lineup with Jabari Parker and Wendell Carter Jr., who are able to create a powerful combination for their roster. These options will solve the problem they lack in defense.

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