Team Skullcandy War Rig Annouced for Red Bull Box Cart Race

The final countdown to the 2018 #RedBullBoxCartRace has started with teams registered and busy building their carts to take on the mighty slope of twists and turns on Sandton Drive on Sunday 16 September.

One team that will be firing on all crazy cylinders will be Team Skullcandy War Rig and crazy is no understatement at all when it comes to these 4 individuals that make up this formidable quartet.

Athletes in their own right and champions at that too, War Rig is comprised of four individuals that have conquered all that has stood in their way and Sandton Drive will be a mere “ride in the park” when they push their Mad Max themed cart to the start line come the 16th of September.

Lead by Enduro star, Brian Capper who is an 11-time South African National Champion in his own right, who is determined focused individual with a core of humility and thankfulness. He is self-confident rather than arrogant as many in his shoes would be.

Brian’s co-driver is a multiple Moto-X Champion Kerim Fitzgerald who is known as the “usual suspect”, the guy who is always in the mix for a podium finish. Known also as a fierce racer with a wealth of international experience, he manages these perceptions and makes sure he lives up to them, but remains humble at all times.

As in most racing team setups Team Skullcandy War Rig also has a pit crew team, which is ably manned by entertainment powerhouse Courtnae’ Paul and MMA super star Martin van Staden.

Paul a pioneer for SA female break dancers and dancers alike as well as a highly acclaimed creative consultant, dance professional and DJ with a strong passion for business, Courtnae’ also runs an entertainment company that specialises in all things performance, creative direction and conceptualisation.

Former EFC Lightweight Champion, Martin van Staden is a man scared of nothing and will be as capable in the pit lane as he is in the hexagon on any given Sunday. Known as “The Punisher” he has all the attributes to make Team Skullcandy War Rig the force they will be, come Red Bull Box Cart Race day.

Skullcandy will be the power behind these 4 crazies with one common goal, to join forces for #RedBullBoxCartRace glory. They are going old school, Mad Max style, taking it into the future with their mega cool crew of misfits who each possesses an extra ordinary set of skills.

They will entertain & excite. Blow you away. The fans will chant & shout out their name in frenzied excitement as they steer their War Rig to victory down Sandton Drive.

The future belongs to the MAD #FeelSkullcandy

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