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The Food Secrets Behind Roman’s Pizza

Roman’s Pizza is revolutionising pizza in South Africa with their fresh flavours and delectable combinations. With over 170 stores open across the country and new stores opening on a weekly basis, Roman’s Pizza is promising to make mouth-watering pizzas, pastas and salads available to all South Africans who want great food at budget-beating prices.

Despite Roman’s Pizza’s focus on keeping meals affordable so that it can be enjoyed by everyone, they are uncompromising about the quality of their food. Visit any store and what is served up is a piping hot pizza – straight from the oven and oozing with cheese, covered in garden-fresh vegetables and top-quality meat, layered onto dough that is made up fresh in store all day long and never frozen. Vegetables are delivered to the stores by local vegetable shops on a daily basis to ensure that every pizza delivers crunchy, tasty veggies. Roman’s Pizza also imports some of their special ingredients from Europe for an authentic Mediterranean flavour. When it comes to the meat toppings, all of it is controlled centrally through a Roman’s Pizza kitchen for scrupulous quality-checking before being sent on to the stores. 

Hungry customers have two scrumptious choices when it comes to the pizza base: A deep pan base pizza, which Roman’s Pizza have perfected to be light and fluffy, allowing toppings to stand out in their own right, while making an appetizing and filling meal. For traditionalists, the crisp, thin base pizza is a nod to the Italian style of pizza making, but it is still loaded with toppings and is delicious and satisfying. 

Their strategy is a winning one – on average, Roman’s Pizza outlets record the highest sales per square meter in the industry. According to Bonnie Lee, Head of Marketing for Roman’s Pizza, “There is a simplicity about the Roman’s Pizza promise that works extremely well – focus on making really good quality, really tasty food – and make it affordable. This is what the brand has done over the years and we think it is the reason for our consistent and continuous growth.” 

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