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This Needs To Stop

STOP THIS NONSENSE! Misstating and poorly representing the truth through selected video editing and misquoted statements in order to punt a specific agenda is unacceptable, inflammatory and at the end of the day nothing short of deceitful and a lie.

What am I on about?

When some divisive individual tried to create a racial situation of something that was nothing from the word go. Yes, I am referring to the so called Frans Steyn shoo off of Makazole Mapimpi after the final whistle sounded between South Africa and Italy on Friday in their Rugby World Cup 2019 Pool B fixture.

The video went viral late Friday evening in South Africa and by Saturday morning all hell broke loose with people throwing racial slurs at the Springboks and Frans Steyn in particular. This was when I decided enough is enough and sought out the support of former Springbok Thando Manana via Twitter,  asking him not to support the spread of this video, being of the impression he would know better than to believe a video conveniently cut to promote the point of view and not played through to its full conclusion.

The reaction I got from Mr Manana, a man I well and truly respected is somewhat of concern.

What followed was a barrage of verbal abuse from what is known as #BlackTwitter, which included name calling and profound language. Despite the barrage, I refused to “poke the bear” as I am more than aware of the consequences this could bring about, particularly when engaging with #BlackTwitter.

Despite the full video following from @Oom_Rugby (providing all the details), there remained doubt and distrust.  With all the facts laid bare on the table …the doubters remain. The stirrers continued to inflame a situation that doesn’t exist in this team… Not helpful South Africa!

Only once one of the two men involved in this racial storm came forward by posting a video explaining what had happened and that people need to stop spreading incorrect stories that are untrue, could I start breathing again.

TRANSLATION: ‘We have players who we call the “bomb squad”, who generally come off the bench in the second half or whatever time in the game. They have their own calls and their own spirit as the bomb squad.

‘Basically what happens after each game is that we shake hands with the opposition. As we were completing the handshakes, the bomb squad was coming together to do their call or chant.

‘As I was walking towards them I realised that they were about to do their call, and that I wasn’t part of it, so I decided that I needed to move away.

‘I wasn’t part of it, but there was nothing wrong there with what they were doing – we are united as a team.’

Following this, all the adverse statements from people representing  #BlackTwitter stopped their verbal attacks and abuse. The worst of it all was that they then turned on the one who poured cold water on their hateful words.

Even Coach Rassie Erasmus weighed in…

Sadly, it was only after Mapimpi’s video had surfaced that fellow supporters of the Boks got on the bandwagon to lash out at the perpetrators and their false accusations.

This brings me to 2 points I would like to address:

  1. Why does it take a turn of events before fellow honest and loyal South Africans start to back each other? Why can’t we stand together and shut this so called #BlackTwitter up from the word go. They never base their attacks on facts, yet people are so scared of them and rather choose to remain quiet, because “why waste your breath on stupidity” and “it is pointless” are things I have been told. I know not everyone on social media wants controversy but if someone is blatantly lying or causing division then we need to firstly look out for one another and secondly stand together.
  2. If we want the Springboks to do well then how can we have agendas that are negative towards the team and country? How can we expect this country to be a better place for all when certain disgruntled groups in South Africa only aspire to cause a clear divide between races, cultures etc?

    Lastly I would like to share the following tweet from someone who I have a lot of respect for, a true ambassador for sport in South Africa, someone that understands the landscape and someone who puts his country ahead of himself, Xola Ntshinga! This needs to be shared far and wide and we all need to look in the mirror and be accountable for our actions.

    Make sure to open this tweet and read the whole thread…

    This needs to STOP South Africa! We need to become one and support everything and everyone as if we are family!


Jacques is the founder & webmaster of and is a sports lover of note. He likes writing opinion pieces that matter.

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