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Top Football Apps for Your Smartphone Right Now

Whether you’re a supporter of Chelsea or have a soft spot for Celtic, football fans all over the world are turning to an extensive selection of apps to monitor team news, live scores, access interviews, and a whole lot more. Some clubs have official apps, while other reputable news outlets have an offering of their own too.

There is almost an app for everything these days. Thanks to the emergence of the powerful smartphone devices we all have access to today, the offering in the App Store and Google Play is improving on a weekly basis. Our phones can housing these types of apps alongside sending emails, taking high-quality images of a vacation away, and playing games like blackjack at an online casino. For football fans, the same type of options are on offer as a large selection of apps provides an excellent service. Some apps are better than others, while others focus on the Premier League more than La Liga, for example. Ultimately, it’s about trying a few out and settling on the best one for you.

Here is a look at some of the best football apps for your smartphone right now.

Sky Sports

The biggest sports channel in the UK, Sky Sports offers fans with a detailed look into some of the latest and greatest news from football. The app also boasts live score updates, live TV (only if you’re a Sky customer), fixtures, match previews and reviews, and plenty of other useful stuff for any diehard football supporter. With Sky being one of the biggest media companies in the world, the Sky Sports app is a slick and well-designed product.

Who Scored?

Many modern football fans enjoy accessing a variety of statistics and data around their favourite players and teams. If you enjoy a more detailed look into the sport, too, then Who Scored? is one of the best options around at the moment. A free of charge service, the app grants users access to individual team statistics, ratings, live alerts and more. It’s the type of app that will certainly leave you well equipped heading into any football debate with friends, as you’ll have access to a variety of data to help back up your opinion.

Football Manager 2021 Touch

More of a game than an app, Football Manager 2021 Touch is still one of the top football titles that fans can’t seem to get enough of at the moment. After watching Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side re-establish its Premier League dominance, fans are turning to the football management game to try and replicate the Spaniard’s magic touch. You pick your staff, interact with the board, sign the players, select your tactics, and everything else being a football manager entails. Fail to produce the goods, and you could be out of a job.

Premier League

The biggest league in the world now has one of the best apps around too. The official Premier League app will keep you posted on all top-flight news, you can check a large selection of stats and even update your Fantasy Football team ahead of the weekend’s fixtures too. The platform is of an excellent standard, looks clean on any mobile device, and offers fans of the Premier League with up to date news at the touch of a button.

Forza Football

With its live score updates, team news, extensive fixture lists, statistics, league tables, highlight links and a whole lot more, Forza Football offers fans a comprehensive look into a variety of major leagues and even the smaller ones. The app is free, too.

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