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Sports betting is enjoyed across the world, a practice where people support their teams and take part in the action by placing bets and getting a chance to score some winnings. Being a legitimate form of entertainment, world sports betting also includes a variety of sports which deviate from the normal sports betting we are all familiar with, like horseracing, tennis or soccer betting.

The fun of world sports betting includes events that some of us may have not even have heard of yet; sports that seem strange and that are limited in parts of the globe. Here are six world sports betting events that you didn’t know people across the globe could bet on and win!

Mountain Unicycling

Yes, we mean “unicycling”. Riding a bike that only has one wheel, as if that’s not bad enough, on a mountain! Mountain unicycling is an adventure sport, often referred to as an extreme sport; balancing on one wheel while on a mountain does seem pretty extreme. There are mountain unicycling events that happen in the USA, the UK, Australia and even Switzerland. What’s even stranger about this sport? It’s a sport that’s popularly bet on by spectators across the globe.

You have to see it to believe it…

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo, or “Sumo Wrestling”, is a full contact sport whereby the goal of the rikishi (a characteristically large wrestler) is to force his opponent out of the designated ring. This sport originated, and is still very popular, in Japan. This is also the only country where the sport is practiced professionally, and therefore the country where the most sumo betting takes place.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Unknown to many, there are rock paper scissors leagues and tournaments hosted across the world, including Canada, the USA and the UK. These championships have various rules and regulations, all ending the game with one winner who will have the glory of being named rock paper scissors champion. Within these tournaments, spectators are also invited to bet on who they think will become the rock paper scissors winner. Next time you play rock paper scissors, extend the fun and include betting, it is happening in world sports betting after all.


For people who do not resonate with traditional sports and sports betting, there exists a different realm of sports: eSports. In a nutshell, eSports, also known as electronic sports, is where contestants play popular video games as a sport or video game versions of traditional sports. There are competitions hosted across the globe, with the International Olympic Committee currently exploring the possibility of incorporating eSports in future Olympic events. These events are also betted on in world sports betting, a modern twist on traditional bets, something some of us didn’t know was a possibility.


Harry Potter fans will love this one! Yes, Quidditch is no longer just a fictional sport, there is an actual real-life version designed for us humans (muggles) to participate in, and bet on. There is currently a US Quidditch League which was formed in 2010, spectators can enjoy wagering on the outcome of these games and leagues, giving us all an opportunity at taking part in this fantasy sport.

Reindeer Racing

You may have thought that greyhound racing and horseracing were the only animal racing sports you could bet on; you would be wrong. In Scandinavia, where reindeer populations are rife, Reindeer Racing is a popular sport to bet on. So, although you may not be able to bet on this sport with your local sports betting specialists, you now know that it is something that some people wager on somewhere in the world.

Watch them go!

For all your other “normal” sports betting, you can place bets safely and securely with Sunbet, the home of online sports betting. Whether you are wanting to place bets on soccer, rugby, tennis, and more, make an experience of it with Sunbet’s exciting betting platform that includes a variety of sophisticated features. Make the ordinary extraordinary and become part of the elaborate world of online sports betting.

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