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What It Takes To Be A Leader on The Rugby Field

Being a leader on the field is one thing, but being a leader off the field is another. What you do OFF the field determines what you do ON the field.

We can all apply that into our own lives and surroundings. We caught up with Professional Rugby Player, Courtnall Skosan, who is a prominent figure within the Emirates Lions Rugby Team.

We asked him for his Top 10 Tips of advice when it comes to his career and motivating them to be the best that they can be. Whether you are a lawyer, doctor or an admin representative, there is something in there for everyone to apply to their own lives.

This is what he had to say….


  1. Know your circle.
    Learn to accept each others strengths and weaknesses and offer them words of encouragement to build up their strengths as well as constructive advice to help them overcome their weaknesses. This is beneficial on the field as my strength is someone’s weakness and my weakness is someone’s strength so we feed off of each other.
  2. Be a motivator.
    Take time, at least once a day, to compliment your teammates, your staff members, your friends and build up their self-confidence. Their confidence becomes yours, as you will now be leading positive and motivated people around you.
  3. Respect! 
    An important factor for us on the field and in anyones work place because it’s not something that can be forced on or enforced in your environment. Respect is something that is earned. If you show respect, it’s easy for someone to show that same kind or sometimes more respect. It is not necessarily by what you say. Sometimes your actions wins more respect that you think but it can go the other way too.
  4. Let your Yes, be yes and your No, be no. 
    This is so important. Let your word be your honor. Do not leave that gap of losing the trust of the people around you because you deviate from what you say. If you say you are the hardest worker in the room, be that guy/girl. If you’re not, you’re going to be losing people, and that is the last thing you want.
  5. Take responsibility
    Being a leader means carrying the responsibility of making decisions that will not only influence your own life, but many others around you too. Embrace the responsibility and make wise decisions. If you make a mistake, it’s fine. Just don’t blame anyone for it. It’s your mistake. You fix it. Take the responsibility. Even if it wasn’t your mistake. Fix it. That is a sign of a true leader.
  6. Be reliable. 
    Being a leader means being reliable even if you feel its not needed. Can people around you depend on you in such a way that you will always be there to help, if not in person you’ll get someone to help. If you are reliable you will end up having reliable people around you because it will rub off on them.
  7. Believe in yourself. 
    If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you get others around you believe in you and/or in themselves too. You create the belief through the manifestation you make.
  8. Check your environment. 
    This is essential when it comes to being a leader. What environment do you find yourself in most of the time, and which environment are you creating for others? Do they love being around you or do they avoid you? This is vitally important.
  9. Remain teachable. 
    Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything. It just means you have the gift of getting people to do things or believe things that you believe in and do. You can always learn, even from those you teach or lead. Make sure that you open yourself up to learn and listen to what people around you have on their hearts and minds. That creates an effective leader. Someone that can connect with the circle of influence and learn and grow together. All helping each other achieve ultimate goals in life.
  10. Be a rolemodel.
    Never assume that you are supposed to dominate. Leaders don’t pull people in a directions. You motivate and guide people to be the best possible person that they can be as well as improve yourself in the process. People will follow someone that they can look up to.

My favourite quote: “a Leader does not ask to lead. He just does it.” – CS

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