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Getting to Know Christian Ambadiang

Christian Ambadiang is a fun, family-orientated individual who grew up in Cameroon and now plays for the Southern Kings. Someone to watch as rugby returns to our screens in the future!

Christian Guetang Ambadiang arrived in South Africa in 2009 and attended Verwoerd High School from 2012. A star athlete who excelled at school he went on to represented the South African Youth Rhino Rugby League in 2015, as well as the Blue Bulls at youth level.

In 2016 he joined the Southern Kings Academy before moving to the Western Cape to join the Western Province Academy.

Ambadiang was included in the DHL Stormers wider training squad for the 2018 Super Rugby season after the winger was named the WP U19 Most Promising Player.

We sat down with Christian Ambadiang and got to know the professional sportsman a little better.

Full name: Christian Guetang Ambadiang

Current team: Southern Kings

Position: Wing

Age: 21

What is one goal you hope to achieve this year?

To become more knowledgeable and educate myself about different paths and/or opportunities that I can embark on outside of rugby.

How do you maintain healthy relationships with your friends, family and partner with such an in-demand and busy schedule?

I always make myself available, although sometimes my schedule is tight. But, the main thing for me is to always check up on those close to me and make sure that they are safe, healthy and doing well and catch up on anything I missed especially with regards to the family.

What do you want to be remembered for in the rugby industry one day?

Being a hardworking, helpful, and humble person on and off the field.

Besides rugby, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

During lockdown I expanded my skills and found myself a new hobby – cutting hair. So if anyone wants a nice clean and well-trimmed haircut, you know who to call (haha). Other than that, I enjoy doing outdoor adventures and keeping active.

Who is one teammate that you look up to and draw inspiration from, and why?

Currently the one teammate I look up to is Sibusiso Sithole. He is always open and honest and being one of the older players in the team, I draw a lot of wisdom and knowledge from him, not only rugby related but life lessons too.

Bucket list travel destination and why?

Seychelles. It has always been a dream of mine to visit an island and the Seychelles seems perfect with all the activities and natural wonders that it has to offer.

Who has played an important part in your career thus far and why?

There are a handful of people that have contributed to my rugby career thus far and I do not want single anyone out because each person played/plays a pivotal role in my career. But, if I have to choose one particular person it would be my high school Vice Principal/coach, Mr Schneitler. He convinced me to take on rugby as a sport in high school and until this day he is always checking up on me and always keeps his door open whenever I need guidance and someone to talk to.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given to yourself 5 years ago?

Work hard in silence and do not let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve something you have set your mind to or that you cannot reach your full potential. Always stay humble and respectful.

How do you remain humble and grounded in an industry that is so publicised?

Honestly, I work so hard that I do not need to keep up or compete with anyone to prove myself. I do not allow people’s negativity and opinions to influence me in such a way that I lose myself. I will always stay true to who I am and how I was raised.

What don’t people know about you?

I used to fear dogs, but I got over that and own one now and they are the biggest blessings. Other than that, my biggest fear is needles.

Quick facts:

What is your favourite cheat meal or snack? That’s an easy one, doughnuts.

My shoe size is a: 12

My secret talent: Cooking

Favourite lifestyle brand: Zara

If I were to be an animal I would be a: Gorilla

Favourite book of all time: The Alchemist

Song from my youth that I can’t help but bust a move to is:  Professor ft Speedy – Lento

Teammate always pulling pranks is: Thembelani Bholi (haha! He never sleeps when it comes to pranks)

Teammate that always offers the best advice is: Sibusiso Sithole

Best on tour memory: While in Georgia, exploring the town and its unique architecture.

Follow Christian’s journey:

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